Story behind Malka’s Judaica

Malka is a traditional Hebrew name meaning Queen. It is also Rachael’s middle name for her two grandmothers.

About Susan

susan-michlin-avatarI have had quite a few careers, first a Fashion designer, a kosher caterer, and an interior designer but always loving to have a needle & thread in my hand. I have been drawing since 6, making my own doll clothes and patterns since 7.
I have been quilting since 1966 (I was newly married and trying to create my home doing things I had seen my grandmothers, great grandmother, aunts and my mothers friends doing but I never learned how to do myself because Children were to be seen and not heard in those days so no one would teach me. My grandmother was moving and she found some quilt pieces in an old trunk. The pieces were hand-stitched and lovingly made by various members of my family circa 1930-1946. Grandma showed them to me, exclaiming oh there is, grandpa’s shirt fabrics and his shorts and great-grandma’s dress and Diana’s sundress, I even saw fabric I remember as baby clothes for me. I rushed to the library and checked out every book I could find on quilting. There were only about 4 but I read them cover-to-cover. I found the pattern was called Dresden plate. I went to Newberry’s the only craft store in town and bought a baby quilt kit and some embroidery floss for a dollar. I figured I would embroider the squares and sew it all by hand and would teach myself to quilt on this “sampler.” In those the only type of quilting was by hand and one never would quilt on machine. Even piecing was done by hand. I started piecing my quilts by machine and using some of the methods of sewing used in the factories I worked in as a designer.

About Rachael

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